About That Sassy Wife

That Sassy Wife is all about keeping it real and bringing up the not so glamorous side of being a mom. Everyone loves to act like they have everything all perfect and neat in their lives but lets be honest, a kid changes EVERYTHING. This blog is all about how those perfect little pieces don’t quite fit together anymore or aren’t even on the board in some cases. I mean come on when we have to decide between pjs and a bra and jeans what’s gonna win?
On top of being about the mom life this blog also is a place for me to share some of my favorite recipes and concoctions with you as well as those of close family and friends. Oh and did I mention the guests we’ll be having? Each month we’re going to feature a mom rocking it in the real world and explore just how they do it on top of sharing one of their favorite recipes with you.
The last big aspect of this blog is one near and dear to my heart (and my sanity!): Crafts. I personally love to knit to mellow out and just give my hands something to do and who doesn’t like a hobby that keeps them warm and makes good gifts. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite patterns, fibers and some of my own designs as we go along. Some of our guests have craft favorites of their own that we’ll explore and share tips on as well!

Now that you know all about the blog go check out some of our favorite spots!

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